15 top resources for finding stock photos for projects

Even if you are not using any images from Google or other search engines for commercial purposes, you may still be required to pay the owner of the rights to them. Paying for a few photos is not a realistic option for a student. So when writing your assignment, use stock photos. In addition to not requiring attribution, these photos are free to use. You could, however, be curious about where to look online for free stock photos. Don’t worry; our experts have put together a list of websites where you may obtain free stock photos.

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Best Websites to Download Free Stock Photos
The 15 websites listed below allow you to free download photos with no watermark:


Without considering Pexels, we cannot compile a list of free stock photo websites. In the UK, students are among those who frequent this website the most. Here, you may browse through a vast library of premium stock photos and videos. Many marketers, corporations, and blogs use Pexels.


Choose Pikwizard if you want stock photos that are appropriate for your particular description. This website’s in-built design wizard is its best feature. For this reason, you can change the image before downloading it if you want to add some simple text overlays, for example. The commercial edition of this website, which includes a feature-rich image editing tool, is available if you choose to forego using it for free.


In search of a more varied selection of internet free stock photos? Try Rawpixel, it might be useful. Students aren’t the only ones who use Rawpixel; photographers, editors, and content producers also utilize it for a variety of tasks. Additionally, vectors, public domain material, and PSD mockups are available on this page. Additionally, you have access to a few extra features with the subscription edition of this service. Furthermore, Rawpixel makes a donation to Hope for Children if you purchase the premium edition of their service.


A little differently, you can download stock photos from Kaboompics. Each image on Kaboompics’ site is its own, and it makes use of its own permission. The Creative Commons Zero license is comparable to this one. Redistribution of the images you get from Kaboompics is not permitted, nevertheless. Student use of Kaboompics for assignments is popular for two reasons.

They can look up photographs by color using this.
The artwork has a wide color pallet because to this.


You may make presentations, infographics, presentations, articles, and other types of multimedia content using Canva. However, did you know that Canva has a library of free stock photos you may use? The library is a nice alternative even though it might not be as large or flexible as you would like. You get access to a huge selection of photos and designs with Canva’s premium edition, which is relatively affordable. The top editing tool on this list is this one. Therefore, you are free to edit any image as you see fit.

Life of Pix

Another website giving free high-resolution stock photos is Life of Pix. Additionally, Adobe Stock and this website have a partnership. Consequently, a comprehensive and adaptable selection of high-end stock photos is available.

Reshot is a good option if all you’re looking for is a website with a basic collection of stock photos and you don’t have any particular needs. The site is run by the community. Reshot’s mission is to support those who want to share their talent with those in need by assisting budding photographers, students, and content creators. An impressive collection of photographs has been carefully collected, and it is available to you for free.


You can choose from a variety of websites where you can obtain free stock photos of the highest quality according to your needs. For your assignment, essays, and coursework, it is simple to find original photos. But students in the UK have the most difficulty writing creative assignments. Students struggle to manage their courses as a result, especially those pursuing a legal degree, and their performance is subpar. We can help you if you experience a similar problem and want to raise your academic performance.

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