6 Beginner Tips And Tricks For Sports Story

These great tips will help you win games and find new chances in Sports Story.

Sports Story is a great game that combines sports with RPG mechanics and has a lot of games and choices. Even if the game has sports you like, you may find it hard to play and handle some of them, especially if you want to play all of them.

You shouldn’t just jump into the game without knowing what to do. Instead, you should use starting tips to help you. If you do this, you will be able to get past the difficult parts of the game and see everything it has to offer.

It’s More Of An RPG Than A Sports Game

It's More Of An RPG Than A Sports Game

Even though Sports Story game is about sports, you should know that the RPG parts are more important. Even though you have to plan your moves in golf and be quick on your feet in football, all of your exchanges with the world around you work like an RPG. So, you’ll need to remember some general tips.

What You Should DoWhy It Matters
Talk with everyone.You can’t move forward in the story until you talk to other people and figure out what they want. Some will give you hints, others will give you advice, and some might even ask you for help with chores. Then you can do their jobs or listen to them for general tips on where to go. People with icons above their heads want to trade, give you a job, or have you finish a tutorial, so you should give them the most attention.
Interact with everything.Look at the bottom of the screen for the button that says “interact.” If you do this, you’ll be able to press it whenever it shows up. You might pick up something, get something, or even look around.
Explore the world.You’ll want to see everything there is to see as soon as you get there. Visit all the buildings, find out what the area has to offer, and get to know the sites. People will likely ask you to do things for them or get things for them, so you’ll need to remember where they are and go back there.

Also listen to what your friends say. They give you the most important information you need to keep your notebook up to date with the jobs you need to do.

Get A Feel For Timing And Lag

Get A Feel For Timing And Lag

You’ll learn how important timing is as you play different games. For example, to hit a golf ball where you want it to go, you have to time your first and second button presses. On the other hand, when you play volleyball, you have to hold down buttons and let go at the right time.

The game isn’t easy because the bars move quickly and you have to move around during different sports. But you can make it easier if you get a feel for when things happen. Every screen has a different amount of lag, so you’ll need to check how well your TV does. When the pointer gets to where you want it to be, press the A button. Then, do the following:

  • If it’s right there, don’t touch it.
  • If it arrived before the point, press the button a little later.
  • If it goes past the point, press the button a little bit before the point.

Based on the changes above, you should look at the spot where you want to press the button. By doing this, you’ll be more likely to land in the middle.

This is also true for other games, like volleyball. So you can find the right time, let go of the button just before the ball gets to you. If you miss, you’ll know you let go a little too soon. But if you let go a little bit before, you’re more likely to hit the ball instead of missing it.

Think about playing Sports Story game with your hand. Since the Switch screen always shows the same thing, using it while you play will cut down on lag.

Understand How Objects And Situations Interact

Understand How Objects And Situations Interact

When you play golf or other sports, you might run into situations where different things or events can help you. For example, a golf pro might talk to you early on and show you how to use things to make your shots bounce and move your golf ball.

Pumpkins work well because they bounce back when you hit them, which makes it easy to change the direction of the ball. You can also use other things, like a person using a leaf blower, to your advantage. They will push the ball away from the user, which will help you get your golf ball into the goal.

Your different clubs and golf balls also affect how the game goes. The D-pad lets you change the clubs and balls. As you switch between them, the metre at the bottom of the screen will change to show how it will affect your swing.

Go To Every Blue Circle

Go To Every Blue Circle

When you’re playing Drive Mad game, you’ll see blue squares on the ground. Go right up to them and find out what they want you to do. In many ways, they can help you.

  • Letting you take on a job.
  • Taking on a challenge that someone has given.
  • Giving you a chance to get a hole punched in your driver’s licence card.

You’ll have to do different things to move the story along and get to more sports. Always walk up to these rings and do what it says at the bottom to do. The same goes for sports challenges that other people might give you, since you can get new things, tools, and money. To fill up the punch card, you will also need to do tasks related to different sports. Once you have done that, you can get a new licence to play that sport.

Check The World Map For Requirements

Check The World Map For Requirements

After you finish the introduction and spend the night in your hotel, you’ll be able to look at a map of the world. You can see many places on the world map, but you can’t go to most of them. Luckily, Sports Story game tells you why you can’t go to certain places until you meet certain conditions.

The RequirementHow You Usually Achieve Them
Needing Different ItemsUsually, you have to buy the item or finish a task to get it. Try going to different places you can get to and looking for new people or events.
Having Specific LicensesTrainers around the area will give you different jobs to do. You can tell who they are by the X above their heads. Try to cover as much ground as possible as you look for the sign in the places you can get to.

You should look at the world map to see where these needs are so you know what to pay attention to. If it says you need a tennis stick, you’ll know to get one before you go back. You’ll see these points again and again as you play, so keep track of them or even take a picture so you can find them quickly.

Trade With People

Trade With People

As you go to new places and talk to new people, you’ll see figures with arrows above their heads. You should trade with them right away if you can. Even though you might wonder if you should keep the thing, you usually don’t need to because their offer is usually better than what you’ll give them.

For example, at the Rustling Vale, you’ll see a woman standing in front of a sign. She’ll ask you for a gear if you talk to her. You could keep the gear, but she’ll give you enough money to make the trade worthwhile. The same goes for Orange Tokens and anything else that people want to trade, so trade whenever you can. If you don’t have the things, remember them and come back later to get your prize.