Bedspread: A popular accessory in the bedroom

Bedspreads have become a staple in our bedrooms and with good reason! The all-rounders are not only functional bedspreads but also trendy home accessories. They come in so many designs that there is guaranteed something for every taste. We’ll show you why you should upgrade your bedroom with a bedspread, what to consider when buying and subsequent care, and how you can best stage the decorative throw.

1. What do you need a bedspread for?
2. The correct size of the bedspread
3. What do you have to consider when cleaning your bedspread?
4. This is how you skilfully stage your bedspread
5. The bedspread – a functional all-rounder

What do you need a bedspread for?

A bedspread is a home accessory that you can use to cover your bed during the day. It is so practical because it combines functionality with decorative aspects. The good news for everyone who lives in a small space: Especially when the bed is in a room that is also used for other purposes during the day, is a bedspread does not make the bed disappear, but with a bedspread, it is much less noticeable as such Eye. The covered bed can be converted into a sofa – it couldn’t be more practical! In addition, using a bedspread or throw will protect your bed linen and pillowcases.
But a bedspread can do even more because it is functional and a decorative accessory for your bedroom. Depending on the colour and pattern you choose, you can easily change your bedroom’s overall style without spending a lot of money on new decorations every time. Soft and cuddly at first glance, a cotton throw, for example, makes the whole ambience of your bedroom more homely. And in the cold season, the blanket provides additional warmth and invites you to snuggle up.

The correct size of the bedspread

From extra large to small: bedspreads are commercially available in different sizes, just like a sofa blanket. When choosing the size, it mainly depends on whether the bedspread should be used for a single or double bed. Blankets for single beds come in the usual sizes of 145×210 cm or 140×210 cm, while bedspreads for beds for two people should be larger accordingly. Widths of over 200 cm are common here as standard.
But don’t despair if you need a slightly more specific size quilt for your bed; for example, it needs to be oversized. Bedspreads are also available in other formats, but the selection of fabrics and motifs is often more limited here. So you may need a little more patience when looking for the right bedspread until you find the right design that makes your heart beat faster. You can also do a little trick and use a blanket that is officially declared as a sofa throw or just a blanket.
Here you will find a practical overview of approximate measurements to help you when buying your new bedspread. However, note that single and double beds can vary greatly in size. Regardless of whether you have a single bed with a width of 100 cm or an XXL bed with dimensions of 200×220 cm – always add a few centimetres to the width and length of your bed and the blankets:
Single beds:
• Width: 100-140cm
• Length: 200-220cm
Double bed:
• Width: 160-200cm
• Length: 200-220cm

What do you have to consider when cleaning your bedspread?

If you look at the style of most bedspreads, they are often quilted. A quilted bedspread consists of different outer materials. Velvet, cotton or polyester, for example, are possible here. On the other hand, a quilted blanket is equipped with a soft filling material such as cotton. Fringes, borders or flounces are often found on the hems for cosmetic reasons.
However, this combination of materials means some bedspreads can be pretty heavy. Private individuals can hardly wash them because large and heavy blankets for XXL beds,, in particular, only sometimes fit in standard washing machines. It often helps to look at the product’s technical data in advance: Does this indicate how heavy the blanket is?
The necessary cleaning usually takes place in one cleaning for extra-large models. However, many people shy away from this effort, so the bedspread needs to be washed more often. This is problematic because the bedspread can quickly become a breeding ground for mites. Instead of a quilt, allergy sufferers, in particular, are often better off with a lighter blanket that can also be cleaned at home.
But even if the bedspread is cleaned perfectly, it is essential to air the bed regularly. Because the often heavy throws can impede the exchange of air and thus make drying the bed more complicated, it would be best if you planned enough time in the morning to make the bed and let your bed “breathe” a little. When the bed linen is sufficiently aerated and dry, you can cover your bed with the bedspread for the day.

This is how you skillfully stage your bedspread.

With a bedspread, you can free your creativity because it comes in various colours and patterns. Especially if the rest of your decoration is kept relatively simple, you can bring the sun into your bedroom with a bright colour like yellow or orange and immediately lift your spirits! If clean lines and monochromatic colours characterize your bedroom, you can give it a playful, soft touch with a bedspread and floral pattern. You can also play with contrasts and use a white throw for your black bed. Our pro tip: if you choose the colour and pattern of your bedspread to match your curtain set, you create a particularly harmonious overall impression in your bedroom.
But it doesn’t always have to be a bedspread with a statement colour or intricate pattern. A monochromatic, simple design is versatile and goes well with different furnishing styles. For example, soft cotton blankets in restrained colours such as beige or grey are suitable.

The bedspread – a functional all-rounder

A bedspread means function and decoration in one. If you want to throw the duvet over your bedding during the day, you should consider a few aspects when buying. First, consider the size of your bed and find the correct measurements for the throw.
Of course, design is also an important point: colour and material should complement the style of your bedroom. Aside from the bedspread’s size and appearance, you should also consider subsequent maintenance. This saves a lot of frustration later on. With our tips, however, everything can go smoothly when choosing the white cotton bedspread. And if you’re still not convinced of the versatility of a blanket as a throw: Whether it’s a limited edition from a designer collection or a simple cotton blanket with a bedspread, you’re not just making yourself up in bed even more comfortable, depending on the design, you can also use it as a snuggle blanket on the sofa.