Best Services of Architects in DHA Lahore In 2023

Services for Architects in DHA Lahore include several benefits such as site analysis and feasibility reports. They create structural, submission or construction sketches, as well as creating plumbing and electrical plans. Many experienced architects offer additional architectural services, such as the design and management of projects and 3D elevations.

Architects in DHA Lahore is a combination of science and art which helps us design spaces that we can live in. Well-designed architecture maximizes the value of freedom, geography and other house elements that positively impact our lives.

Amer Adnan Associates provides architectural design services. From now on, we will guide you through everything you should learn about the benefits of architects in Lahore.

Top Architecture Firm In Pakistan

We were established in 2002. Amer Adnan Associates is an award-winning architectural, construction and interior design firm in Pakistan. We are a top provider of architectural solutions in Pakistan. Over the last two decades, we’ve made the dream of several clients into reality.

We’ve completed various commercial and residential projects, including modern homes, luxury cafes and contemporary, tech-oriented office spaces. We are proud to be an oriented company that keeps our processes transparent and puts our customers at the forefront of making decisions.

Electrical Plans

Electricity is a fundamental necessity, and each electrical element within the home is a reason for being there. Our electrical plan services in Pakistan enable us to complement the home’s design with a sophisticated electrical design.

Our architectural plans will include the placement and location of the distribution board outlets, ceiling fans, outlets and air conditioners, UPS, security systems, backup supplies and solar panels. The lighting plans are also included to ensure the proper execution of lighting designs. In short, electrical programs comprise the following elements:

  • Electrical supply plans
  • Wiring connections and electrical connections
  • Lighting plans


Plumbing Drawings

Properly piping for buildings is essential because leaks can lead to enormous problems and raise maintenance costs. At Amer Adnan Associations, our plumbing drawings cover the following services, but they aren’t limited to these:

  • Bath and kitchen appliances
  • Drainage and water supply
  • Measurements for septic tanks, water tanks central holes, sump

Our plumbing drawings ensure that we provide the longest-lasting plumbing designs concerning the other structures within the space. With consideration to various aspects like drainage of water as well as supply work to prevent any leaks over the long term. The fixtures in our kitchens and bathrooms are constructed with consideration to the overall style of the house to ensure aesthetics are not diminished. Architectural services are among the essential elements in creating a perfect home since architectural design services provide all the necessary features you require.

3D Visualization

3D visuals bring the whole design to an entirely new dimension. Through our 3D visualization services in Pakistan, we present every part of the design with a realistic rendering. The quality of our 3Ds is pixel-perfect and demonstrates precisely what the final product will look like in real life.

The 3D visualization services comprise 3D exterior renderings, floors, elevations, floor plans, and virtual walkthroughs. Our 3D visuals accurately represent the materials, measurements and locations of every item within the design.

Our plumbing plans ensure that we provide the longest-lasting plumbing plans relative to other buildings in the area. In consideration of various elements like drainage of water as well as supply, try to prevent any leaks over the long term. The kitchen and bathroom fixtures are constructed, keeping consideration of the entire architectural layout of the house to ensure that the appearance is not compromised.

Our Architecture Design Process

Architectural designing services are an extended and complex process that involves many steps. Each stage has specific requirements, and failure to meet them could affect the outcome. In the last two decades, we’ve created a highly efficient procedure that ensures that every step is completed to perfection.

We treat every step as an entire project and pay attention to every detail to transform dream homes into real life.

Initial Meeting

It is our first of many meetings and the beginning of the process. In this meeting, we will discuss your plan, the cost and all other aspects that need to be addressed during the initial stage. The initial appointment is free, and we would like to host it on our premises. We also offer home interior design services for Islamabad and Interior Designers in Lahore.

The first meeting will be scheduled following the first phone call. Our core team, including our chief architect, will be in the gathering to make it as successful as possible.

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