Comprehend The Canada Investor And Visitor Visa Requirements

Globally, Canada has become one of the preferred destinations for international investment. Furthermore, there are many benefits to investing in Canada on a visitor visa. One of these benefits can allow the person to become eligible for permanent residency in Canada! 

However, an important aspect to remember here is that getting a Canadian investor visa differs from getting a visitor visa. Once you apply for a visitor visa in Canada, you can invest in the country’s assets without any hurdles. 

What is a Visitor Visa?

A visitor visa allows you to be in the country temporarily. A person can get a visitor visa in Canada by following all the requirements and procedures correctly. Once you have fulfilled all the terms and regulations, getting a Canadian visitor visa becomes a hassle-free route to investing in Canada. 

Documents Required for Visitors Visa

As mentioned, a visitor’s visa is a short time permit to travel to Canada. The documents required for the visa are as follows:

  • Passport

Your passport will be an important travel document when applying for your visa. Submit photocopies of your passport displaying the following: 

  • Personal information such as name, date of birth, photo, and place of birth
  • Passport number
  • Date of issue and expiry 
  • Photographs

Submit two recent passport-size photographs for the visa application. 

  • Proof of funds

Provide proof for your monetary expenditures, ensuring that you and your family can bear all the expenses easily at the foreign place. It includes documents such as:

  • Tax filing documents for the previous three years
  • Proof of property, shares, PPFs, FDs, etc. 
  • Income evidence
  • Financial support evidence
  • Letter of employment
  • Bank statements
  • Cover letter

Write a cover letter or declaration to the Government of Canada explaining why they should give you a visa.

  • Visa application forms and other documents

Download the visa application from the IRCC website and submit it with your other documents, such as passport copies, fee receipts, etc. 

  • Letter of invitation

If you are travelling to Canada to visit someone, provide a letter of invitation as proof that another individual from the country has invited you. 

  • Documents of Proof

Provide the following documents of proof, thereby making your immigration officer believe that you have intentions to return to India:

  • Proof of lease or property dealing
  • Proof of employment
  • Travel Itinerary

Even when on a visitor’s visa for investment, list all the places you plan to visit in Canada. And if you are self-employed, you must also provide a memorandum of association and other documents.

Other Requirements for Canada Visitor’s Visa

You must meet the following requirements to get a Canada visitor’s visa: 

  • A valid passport and other documents related to your travel.
  • You need to be in good health to handle the travel.
  • You must prove to the immigration officer that you will return to India within the fixed period and will not break any visa rules. 
  • You mandatorily need to have considerable funds to support your stay in Canada. 

How Long Is It Possible to Stay in Canada on a Visitor Visa?

Generally, you can stay in Canada for up to 6 months on a visitor’s visa. However, the immigration border services officer can permit you to stay for a longer or shorter period as per your intention of visiting the place. Once the officer has determined the length of your stay, a date will be entered in your passport by which you must leave the country. You can also receive a document called a visitor record, which will display the date when you should go. 

Processing Time of Canadian Visitor Visa

The processing time for your visitor visa will take around 30 business days. However, this does not consider the time taken for the application and biometrics to be sent to the visa office

What is a Canada Investor Visa?

The Canada investor visa is the program you can apply for after a visitor’s visa. The investor visa aims to allow you to invest in the Canadian economy if you have business experience. You can also attempt to apply for permanent residence after getting a Canada investor visa by staying in the country for some time. 

Eligibility Requirements and Benefits of Canada Investor Visa

Now that you know about the requirements of a visitor’s visa, you can also explore the eligibility of a Canada investor visa. To be eligible for the Canadian investor visa, you must have the following requirements:

  • As a business immigrant, you should possess a business to get an investor visa. 
  • You must have intermediate knowledge of both English and French with a CLB of 3. There should also be a letter of support from a designated institution in Canada.

Upon fulfilling these requirements, there are many benefits that you can get from getting a Canadian investor visa. These benefits include the following: 

  • It assures the fastest route to Canadian citizenship. 
  • Get travel benefits worldwide
  • Get favourable investment policies
  • Access international opportunities 
  • You can settle in Canada with your family.
  • Access education and healthcare for yourself and your family. 
  • Have a higher standard of living. 


Getting a Canada investor or visitor’s visa can be incredibly simple if you have all your documents in order and follow the rules and regulations. You can also seek assistance from an immigration consultancy in India to ascertain that all your documents are in the right order, and you will get your visitor’s visa in one go.