Do phone cases really protect your phone from damage?

There’s no denying that cellphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. We use them to work, communicate with friends and family, and get information at all times. It is critical to secure our vital phones from harm. While there are several ways to accomplish this, one of the most common is to use a phone cover. Yet, do phone cases actually safeguard your phone? And, if that’s the case, what are the risks of not using a phone case?

Zapvi takes smart device protection extremely seriously, and we provide a large range of  iPhone 13 Pro Max cover and other Android phone cases. We are also committed to sourcing ecologically friendly materials for your next phone cover in order to create a waste-free future for all species on earth. Let’s take a deeper look to determine if phone cases are indeed protective.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Phone Case?

The majority of individuals use phone covers to safeguard their phones from harm. Cases may shield phones against scratches, cracks, drops, and other sorts of damage. They can also help reduce theft risk by making it more difficult for criminals to take the phone. Moreover, some cases have added characteristics like water or dust resistance.

Unfortunately, not all situations offer the same amount of protection. It is critical to select a case that will best meet your requirements. Whether your phone requires dust protection or regular drops, our staff at Zapvi is here to assist you in selecting the perfect case for your lifestyle.

Benefits of Different Types of Cases and Screen Protectors

There are several types of cases and screen protectors on the market, each with its own set of advantages. Here are a few of the most common choices:

Flexible silicone cases

Silicone, a soft and flexible substance, is used to make these casings. Silicone cases are often less expensive than aluminium and leather covers while still protecting the phone from small knocks and scratches. Silicone covers are also easier to put on and take off, providing a more firm hold. Most silicone cases, however, do not offer much protection against water, severe drops, or other serious impacts.

Rigid plastic cases

Plastic cases are composed of strong plastic and protect the phone from scratches and drops. Plastic cases, like silicone cases, are often less expensive than other types of cases. They do not, however, offer much protection against water or dust exposure.

Aluminium Cases

Aluminum casings are constructed of lightweight metal that is resistant to scratches, small impacts, and drops. Cases made of aluminum are often more costly than other types of casings.

Leather Cases

Leather cases, whether natural or synthetic, provide decent protection against scratches, small impacts, and drops. Leather bags age nicely and can develop a patina over time.

Liquid screen protectors

Zapvi’s zero-waste liquid screen protector is the ultimate in sustainability. There is enough liquid to cover three cellphones and safeguard them from cracks, scratches, and breakage. A long-lasting phone cover combined with a liquid screen protector is an excellent way to safeguard your valuable electronics.

Choose the right case for the environment.

While selecting a phone cover, you should also examine the materials used to construct the case. Zapvi is the first firm to provide biodegradable phone covers, promoting environmentally friendly products to customers.

How to Care for Your Phone Case

It is important to clean your phone case regularly to prolong its life. You can clean most phone cases with mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive materials, as these can damage the case.

Shop Zapvi Phone Cases Today

Phone cases can provide several advantages, but not all cases are created equal. If you are concerned about the environment, you should purchase from a firm that shares your beliefs. Zapvi provides a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly phone covers created from socially produced materials that provide enough protection against drops, scratches, and dirt exposure. Browse Zapvi phone cases today to find the best one for you.

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