Exam Tips for CCNP Service Provider Certification Course

If a person chooses to study something, they must be able to comprehend the entire concept. The more a person can practice the idea, the greater the probability of getting it right. Achieving a degree in any area of Engineering and having earned the Cisco CCNP Certification.

An enrolled candidate can select any of the core subjects to leap into the technology field. Because the world of tech is growing day by day increasing, the demand for tech workers is growing as well.

While Cisco offers many certification programs to make you an expert in Networking, One of the most sought-after professional-level courses for certification is Cisco CCNP Service Provider Certification Course. If you’re also planning to take this Cisco, the CCNP Service Provider Certification Course, Here are some crucial Cisco CCNP exam tips to help you pass the professional-level test with flying colours.

Therefore, continue reading the entire blog to find all the solutions to the crucial questions regarding the Cisco CCNP Service Provider Certification Exam.

Exam Tips for Cisco CCNP Service Provider

Cisco Certified Network Professional is a high-level professional certification provided by Cisco to equip participants with a deep understanding and knowledge of the functioning and maintaining the entire subject of service Providing Solutions and Networking.

Before registering for the certification course, it is essential to be well-informed about the prerequisites, career opportunities, pay packages, and other benefits that can be derived through Cisco CCNP Service Provider Certification. Cisco Certification. Provider Certification.

CCNP Service Provider Certification?

To obtain the Cisco Service Provider Certification, the candidate must pass two tests: The Core and Concentration exams. The latter requires codes SPCOR 350-501 for the core exam and another for the concentration exam, which consists of 120 questions to complete in 120 minutes. Only scores of 82.5 per cent or 825 marks from 1000 are considered to be a pass. The exam will cost around USD 300 each, and the other exam is allowed to select English or Japanese the exam, which can be scheduled on the internet or offline at any location you wish.

Selecting the topic for the Concentration test and Network+ from three codes is possible. The certification lasts only three years. One has to renew the accreditation for three years.

The curriculum of the Cisco CCNP

Reading the glossaries and books is essential to pass the Cisco Service Provider Certification exam. This is done by purchasing the right study materials, as the exam’s success depends entirely on your practice, focus and the amount of time dedicated to the preparation.

The course outline for the Cisco Service Provider Certification exam is as follows:

  • Architecture
  • Networking
  • MPLS and Segment Routing
  • Services
  • Automation and Assurance

The candidate should have a comprehensive knowledge of every topic mentioned earlier and be prepared for each possibility of a question that may arise using these topics. Since most of the questions depend on Segment Routing, the candidate must be totally prepared.

Cisco CCNP Service Provider Certification Examination?

Since the reading and the study style of each person is different, it is impossible to estimate the time needed precisely to study for the test. However, a person must look extremely hard for about 4-5.5 hours per day for 4.5-5 months to pass the Cisco CCNP Service Provider Certification exam.