How do I connect with Wavlink AV500 Powerline extender ?

A stable connection to the internet is provided by the Wavlink AV500 Powerline extender setup for heavy internet use, such as buffer-free 4K HD video streaming, online gaming, video chats, surfing, and more. can be expanded using the Wi-Fi router/AP setup you have. It enables you to grant access to a top-notch wireless network to your smartphone, PC, laptop, and other devices.start with the Wavlink AV500 Powerline setup.

Wavlink Powerline Av500 features

  • Furthermore, it provides extended ranges that can extend your personal Wi-Fi network by up to 100 yards.
  • Speed: It also provides rapid download speeds up to 500Mb/s without any issues or problems when used by multiple devices at once.
  • Thanks to its 128-bit AES encryption and WPA2-PSK security, this Wi-Fi device is incredibly dependable and secure.
  • regardless of how many barriers—big or small—are in your path. The fastest speeds are provided to you as a result of this extender’s successful completion of its task.
  • The one-click capability enables users to join a wireless network with just one button press. In addition, use the Wavlink powerline to prevent having to adjust the settings for each device on their own.

Note: Call our technician or visit the ap extender setup official website if you need help setting up your wifi extender.

Wavlink AV500 Powerline extender installation

Use an internet browser to set up the Wavlink AV500 powerline extender. By performing these actions, you can complete the setup process.

  • Before plugging in your Wavlink extension and router, make sure they are close to the power source.
  • Give the LED light around 45 seconds to start blinking after connecting the device in.
  • Connect to the default network of Wavlink using the Wi-Fi list on your computer or mobile device. Wavlink 2.4 GHz
  • Open the new web browser on the same desktop or mobile device that you are currently signed into.
  • opening the Wavlink extender’s setup interface.Please use the login and password fields to enter “admin”.
  • Decide on a language. The vital Press.
  • You will be prompted to choose your country, time zone, and new password on the next screen. The most recent password will be used if you log in again.
  • Before selecting Repeater mode in the Wavlink Web UI, choose the Wizard option. Locate and choose your Wi-Fi host network next.
  • Wait between 40 and 60 seconds until the progress metre fills up before trying again.
  • The device works as long as the LED light is flashing.

Wavlink AV500 Powerline WPS setup

To set up your Wavlink using WPS, you must carry out each step one at a time.

Wavlink AV500 setup

  • To prevent issues, place your Wavlink AV500 extender close to your router and connect it to the power supply.
  • About 45 seconds later, the LED indication starts to sway.
  • Press the WPS button to open the router when the LED begins to blink to show that it is ready for a connection.
  • Press the WPS button before a flashing light showing that it is connected to the router appears.
  • You will be able to know the Wavlink AV500 extender setup is currently linked to the router as long as the light that flickers doesn’t set.

Wavlink Extender web browser setup

Utilising a web browser, the Wavlink AV500 powerline extender is assembled. With the help of these activities, you can finish the setup process.

  • Make sure your Wavlink extender and router are close to one another and are powered by the same socket.
  • After plugging the device in for 45 seconds, observe the LED light blink.
  • Join the Wavlink 2.4GHz default network from the list of Wi-Fi networks on your computer or mobile device.
  • On the same desktop or mobile device that you are now connected to, launch a new web browser.
  • The setup UI for the Wavlink extension will show up. Please log in using the username and password admin.
  • Pick the language of your choice. Log in by clicking the button.
  • You will be asked to choose your country, time zone, and new password on the following page. You will be asked for the most recent password when you log in again.
  • Launch the Wavlink Web UI, locate and choose the Wi-Fi host network, choose the Repeater mode option from the Wizard menu, type a password, and click “Connect.”
  • Hold off for an extra 40 to 60 seconds once the progress gauge is full.
  • When the LED light stops flashing, the setup is correct.