How I Pass The AWS Certification Professional Exam In 2023?

A couple of months ago, I passed the AWS Certification test, and I would like to share a few strategies and resources I used. This helps you prepare for the exam and obtain an SA Pro certification.

Before embarking on the path to getting an AWS Certification, why should you bother to become AWS certified? Here are a few good motives.

Higher job prospects and higher pay

AWS Certified engineers are highly sought-after and earn the highest salaries. AWS consultants require a specific number of AWS certifications to keep their AWS consultant status and advance to the next level of consulting; therefore, they are primary hiring agents for AWS-accredited engineers.

Professional development

You’re eager to increase your AWS knowledge, improve your abilities, and advance your career.

Make your team professional and become the AWS expert you trust in your organization, increase the skills of your staff, and inspire others to become certified.

Personal growth was the primary motivation in my quest to increase my AWS expertise professionally. For the workshops we often conduct for our customers.

Getting Started And Organized

The best way to begin is to study your AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional page and the official SAP-C02 exam manual. You can assess your present AWS security expertise by attempting to answer SAP-C02 practice exam questions. Questions from the sample exam offer a glimpse of what you will encounter when you take the test and highlight areas where there may be gaps in your knowledge. Stay calm if you perform poorly; note down the questions you could answer correctly and retake the test before the exam date. You are sure to score better and be able to appreciate the amount of knowledge you’ve gained.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” is A well-known saying; making a list of what to do and when to sit for the test is an essential first step. If I am embarking on an entirely new endeavour, my method for managing projects is to set up a Trello board and begin to record all the tasks I have to complete to meet my goals for the project.

In preparation for the AWS exam, I designed Trello cards to record the sources I was planning to study and also for practical aspects. The Trello board can assist you in navigating the study materials, tracking how you are progressing, and ensuring that you get all the essential information as the exam time is near.

Study Resources

I like mixing the material from my course because it helps me learn. In addition, a single resource could not adequately cover a subject or provide it from an uninteresting angle, so it’s always a good idea to mix, mix, and match.


I first took the course in video format on AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional by A Cloud Guru. I recommend the A Cloud Guru video-based courses to help prepare for AWS tests. I have completed and cleared my AWS SysOps Associate and AWS Security Specialty exams using A Cloud Guru’s videos. But this time, I discovered the video course to be less helpful and certainly not the most efficient resource to help prepare you to take the SA Pro exam.

I had a decent amount of AWS information thanks to my previous experiences and AWS certifications. Therefore, I knew specific topics taught in the video course. However, I needed to familiarize myself with several AWS services covered in the test that I had not previously used.


I love studying with physical books since they are a great way to avoid screens and online distractions. While preparing for the test, I couldn’t find any books published by major publishers. A book that looks promising and is set to release at the end of 2023 is an AWS-certified Solutions Architect Professional All-in-One Exam Guide, which McGraw-Hill will publish. I’ve read exam preparation books from this publisher, which are usually extremely thorough and well-written.

AWS Documentation

You’ll find many references to official AWS documentation when studying the internet or in a book, including white papers, white papers, and FAQs. The AWS exam preparation page includes all questions and white papers you must read before taking the test.

Honestly, I didn’t go through every single link to AWS Cloud Practitioner documentation that was given to me, but I took a quick look at many of these white papers and websites specifically for AWS services that I wasn’t acquainted with. I found the white article about Backup and recovery strategies on AWS handy since we assist many customers in implementing backup and disaster recovery techniques.