How to Choose the Perfect Necklace Length for Your Outfit

Jewellery is the most important component of any woman’s appearance, whether it be for a wedding, a cultural event, or a celebratory occasion. Necklaces are ideal for adding just the right amount of drama to any outfit. The ideal necklace length can add the necessary glitz and refinement to your ensemble. Here, we’ll discuss the three varieties of necklace lengths—choker, princess, and matinee—and demonstrate how to wear each with specially chosen Swarajshop  Jewellery accessories.  

How to Wear a Choker Necklace in a Classy and Chic Way.

The most timeless and functional item in every woman’s jewellery wardrobe is a choker set. It can make any clothing look trendy and edgy by transforming it.antique choker sets look well with off-the-shoulder clothing and V-necklines since they fit snugly around the neck. And one such item is the Vakula Antique Choker combination, a floral-inspired design with a lovely combination of white CZ stones and pearls that can add sophistication to any ensemble. Wear it with a black shirt and jeans for a contemporary appearance. For a more traditional appearance, wear it with a plain saree or a crop top and lehenga. You can use it to get you to weddings and Diwali card parties.    

Wear Princess Length Necklaces to Stand Out 

Among Indian women, a princess necklace length may be the most typical and well-liked option. It hangs just below the collarbone, making it a hassle-free option. neither very long nor too short.The versatility of this piece makes it perfect for practically any ensemble because it doesn’t overpower it. The Jalaja Multi Lotus Motif Layered Pearl Necklace from Swarajshop  Jewellery is the ideal accessory. The collection features lovely pearls and enamel. It has a princess-style four-strand necklace decorated with lotus symbols. With an Indo-western ensemble like a shrug, crop top, and lehenga, this one will look fantastic. This one would look great both day and night with a dark-colored lehenga or a white sharara outfit.  

Every lady should own a piece of Swarajshop ‘s antique jewellery collection, and the Geeti Antique Necklace Set strikes the perfect balance between striking and conventional. This piece will look stunning when worn with a red saree or an embroidered gown. It is made with antique plating and CZ stones on a floral and leaf-inspired design.  

The Matinee Length Necklace epitomises elegance in simplicity.  

Those who prefer to keep things simple yet attractive may choose a matinee necklace length. Its position right above the bust makes it a great match for dresses or blouses with high necklines. It can be worn with lehengas, fusion sets, salwar suits, plain or embroidered gowns, or both. If you choose deep-necked clothing, matinee-length necklaces may not be the best choice.

A four-strand antique jewellery necklace with jhumkis added for flair is part of the Myra Antique Long Necklace Set. This ensemble will look stunning with simple sarees or solid dresses.

The Azba Statement Pearl String Necklace is an excellent option if you prefer to dress softly. In the most understated way possible, a traditional floral-inspired pendant on a two-strand pearl necklace will give you the fashion statement you’re going for. The finest outfit to wear this necklace with is a three-piece fusion set or a dark, high-neck blouse.

Women who wish to let their jewellery speak for themselves can consider the AmbreNakshatra CZ Long Necklace Set. You feel regal wearing a piece with a floral-inspired pattern surrounded by red and white CZ stones.

Make the most of this necklace by wearing it with a black gown for a contemporary style or a banarasi saree for a festive appearance. 

Why Necklaces Should Be Made of Swarajshop  Jewellery

Some of the most sought-after items for enduring jewellery designs may be found at Swarajshop  Jewellery. The antique jewellery created by Swarajshop  is very unique. What’s more is the accessibility and affordability – with their global delivery, you may purchase exquisite pieces at reasonable prices.  

Swarajshop  Jewellery also offers a 14-day simple returns policy, which makes it the perfect option for women to see if a piece will look good on them. Additionally, it’s simple to customise your necklace by lengthening or shortening it. Swarajshop  provides something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a statement piece or something straightforward. You can make any Indian clothing look better with their beautiful jewels. 

How to Pick the Perfect Necklace Length 

Keep the following in mind anytime you wish to choose a necklace that will improve your appearance: 

  • Longer necklaces work best with high-neck designs, while shorter ones complement deep- or V-necklines. 
  • Occasion: Longer necklaces are ideal for formal occasions, while shorter necklaces are appropriate for more private occasions.  
  • Your personal sense of style: You ought to be comfortable wearing jewellery, at the end of the day. So, pick a piece that resonates with you.  
  • blend and match Select the necklace length that flatters you the most, and wear it with both classic and contemporary attire.


There are many necklace possibilities, and necklace length is also quite important. Each form of necklace—choker, princess, or matinee—will accentuate a particular kind of dress. Princess necklaces are adaptable and go with many different ensembles, whilst chokers are best for deep necklines. High-neck dresses and blouses go well with matinee necklaces. In order to locate the ideal item, try out several necklace lengths with Swarajshop  Jewellery.