Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing an Easy Cartoon Lion

How to Draw a Cartoon Lion. Cartoon lion tensing in just 6 straightforward actions. Africa is noted for its great combination of wilderness, but there is one that reigns tallest! Lions are often called the jungle ruler, and it’s easy to see why. They have a sense of majesty and power, making them a favorite for many wildlife enthusiasts.

In this guide on how to draw a cartoon lion, we’ll mark a slightly softer, better, playful side to these majestic creatures. At the end of the 6 steps we have for you, your choice, see how fun and easy it can be to produce the beautiful design we have crafted for you.

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How to Draw a Cartoon Lion – Allows Obtaining Formed!

Step 1

You can tell if a lion is male or female by whether it has a mane, and we’ll begin with that mane for the first part of your cartoon lion drawing. You can also adapt this design to a lioness by pulling the main one if you prefer!

The main one will be drawn with many curved and wavy lines to make it look nice and long. There will also be thick curls dropping from the forehead. Next, we’ll end this step by drawing two round ears piercing out of the mane.

Step 2: Currently, Release Some Facial Traits for the Lion.

The outline of the hair is done, and in this step of how to draw a cartoon lion principle, we will draw some facial details. Start by drawing curved bars to create the outline of the face. It will be wider on the sides with a thinner, more curved chin underneath. Next, we will draw the eyes. These consist of oval shapes with curved lines at their grounds. They will then have smaller ovals inside for the pupils. The nose will be quite thin and angular; we will use rounded lines below for the open, smiling mouth. Be sure to add some quick teeth inside before continuing!

Step 3 – Following, Remove the Front Pieces

We will go above the head and face drawing the front legs of the lion. These legs may have more detail than the head, but getting their proportion and position can still be tricky. The one on the left is presented with one leg bent, and the other is straight with round toes at the end. Finally, draw a simple curved line for the trunk, then move on to step 4!

Step 4: Now Remove the Remainder of the Body Layout.

We will now draw the rest of the body shape of this cartoon lion design. The body gets thinner the further you go, and the legs in the rear will be slightly thicker than those in the front. You’ll catch that this lion doesn’t have a tail but don’t worry, and we’ll add it with the last details in the next step of the guide!

Step 5 – Count the Last Points to Your Graphic

First, a lion would only be done with a tail, so we better add one now! The rear will be drawn using curved lines that end in a round lock of hair. Once the tail is counted, we’ll draw some more details. Some of them will go all over your look, especially your eyes. These help with the look on her face. Then we’ll end with a few bars on the belly and around the toes. When all of this has stood drawn, you can create an awesome background for it to be there! You can even add more funny animals if you feel more creative.

Step 6 – Complete Your Picture With Coloring

It’s time to finish off this great lion with some color! Although this is a cartoon graphic, we have opted for fairly realistic colors for our sample image. This means we used very light browns and fawn colors for most of his fur, then balanced with darker browns for the main part and tail. To give him some pops of color, we added pretty blues for his eyes and light pink for his inner ears.

Are you moving to choose colors comparable to ours, or do you have something else in mind? There are so many amazing color options you can choose from, and each would look great.

Five Tips to Make Your Comic Lion Drawing Even Better!

Have fun while we create your cartoon lion sketch. Even better! Lions will live with homes called feelings of pride, and you could display this in your drawing of