How to Print T-Shirts? What are T Shirt Printing Methods

T-shirts, which can be worn alone in summer and with cardigans, shirts or other winter clothes in winter, are one of the most preferred clothing options. The fact that it can adapt to any outfit and is a practical and comfortable option always makes the t-shirt stand out. The fact that the t-shirt is such a popular product has led to the design of many different t-shirt models. In addition, there are many different t-shirt options with different texts, images or patterns with the printing methods that we apply for shirt printing in Dallas

What is T-Shirt Printing?

T-shirt printing, with its simplest definition, is the application of text or visual printing on the T-shirt with different methods. Thanks to the developing printing methods, the desired text or visuals can be applied on all fabric types with printing methods. Today, many brands, companies or institutions offer their customers t-shirt options with different prints. 

T-Shirt Printing Methods

The t-shirt printing method used in t-shirt printing is very important in terms of determining the quality of the print. Correct printing on quality fabrics is one of the most important factors that prolong the life of the t-shirt. The methods that we use for t shirt printing in Dallas are as follows;

Transfer Printing 

Transfer printing method is one of the fastest printing methods that can be applied to any type of fabric. It is one of the most preferred methods among T-shirt printing methods due to the advantages it provides in terms of time and permanence . It is a method applied by transferring the text or image applied with paint on the paper to the fabric with the help of heat and pressure. 

Digital Printing

It is one of the printing methods that can be applied to all fabric types in digital printing. There is no need to use any mold in digital printing. The text or image to be printed is prepared digitally and printed directly on the t-shirt with the printing machine. The important thing in this printing method is that the prepared print is designed in the right dimensions and correctly. 

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is actually a printing method applied in the same way as transfer printing. In this method, a printing pattern is prepared and processed on paper. Afterwards, it is transferred to the t-shirt with high heat and pressure. However, unlike transfer printing, sublimation printing can only be applied to polyester fabric. For this reason, it is a not preferred printing method.

Screen Printing

The most important feature that distinguishes screen printing from other printing methods is the special molds prepared. After the printing design to be applied to the t-shirt is prepared, it is transferred to the silk molds. These prepared silk patterns are applied to t-shirts using industrial machines. It is among the most preferred printing methods with its low cost and fast application. 

Pitole and Flock Printing

Airbrush printing is a printing method applied by spraying paint on the t-shirt with air guns. The places where the paint should not come are closed, the mold is placed on the t-shirt and pressure is applied with air guns. 

Flock Printing, on the other hand, is a printing method in which small fibers cut in certain lengths are applied to the fabric surface. It creates a velvety and hairy appearance on the t-shirt where the pressure is applied. 

Here, as the T-shirt team, we tried to give brief information about what is T-shirt printing, how it is done and T-shirt printing methods in this article. We hope it was a useful article. If you are thinking of buying wholesale for t-shirt options with printing methods, you should definitely take a look at the t-shirt models on our site. For more detailed information and price quotes about wholesale printed or unprinted t-shirt models and prices, you can easily reach us from the contact section on our website.