Let’s find out about hoverboard

It is now more than known that great attention must be paid to traffic and smog. There is little we can do: the environment is very important and we are literally destroying it. Fortunately, in recent years there has been a great awareness on this subject leading to more and more modifications and projects aimed at improving the quality of the air we breathe and, consequently, also at improving the situation of air pollution. In all of this there are certainly the different alternatives to cars among which the hoverboard stands out above all . More and more people are seen whizzing through the city streets with their scooters, their folding bicycles or their hoverboards.

But what are hoverboards? And what are the best hoverboard models on the market ?
the new eco-sustainable means of transport
The progress of recent years has also had a clear and precise final project: that of creating alternative solutions to cars that would allow people to cover small and medium distances without polluting the environment.

All this has given rise to an increasingly widespread and appreciated eco-sustainable micro-mobility which not only no longer produces too much smog, but also allows you to save considerably money throughout the year.

  • In short, a double advantage that really makes you understand how interesting it is to find out a little more about all this.
  • Hoverboards seem to be the type of alternative means of transport that most sparks people ‘s curiosity. And in all age groups.
  • Here is everything you need to know about these amazing colorful and efficient hoverboards.

What is a Hoverboard?
Let’s start by explaining to you what this hoverboard really is. In practice it consists of a platform with two rows of parallel wheels .It is very similar to a skateboard with the difference that it is electric and therefore moves in total autonomy thanks to the guidance of your commands. Really easy to use and carry around as it is very compact and lightweight.

What are the characteristics of a hoverboard?

  • Now that you understand what this nice object is, the time has come to delve into everything a little and also discover its characteristics and peculiarities.
  • As already mentioned earlier, it has a very light and rather compact structure that can always be carrier with you in a very comfortable and practical way. As far as autonomy is concerned, we can tell you that, in principle, with a full charge, you can easily travel up to 20 km.
  • The speed is around 10 km/h but everything also varies from model to model as for all the different technological objects and instruments. Also interesting is the way you can drive your hoverboard.
  • Indeed, to turn or go straight you will have to use your body and move slightly towards the side where you want your hoverboard to move. Let’s say that at the beginning you may need a little practice but take our word for it if we assure you that it is extremely simple and immediate.

What are the other alternatives to cars besides hoverboards?
Before leaving you to your hoverboards, it seems right to let you know what are the other alternatives that you can find on the market.

Folding bicycles . Real bikes that can be fold on themselves and become like a briefcase to always carry with you.
Electric scooters. Another very efficient type that is nothing more than a real scooter but which has the ability to run autonomously thanks to a recharge of electricity.
Single wheel . A wheel with two pedals on the sides to rest your feet and be able to remain composed during the journey. A little expensive but certainly very efficient and practical.

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