The Ultimate Guide to AMP for Advance SEO

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages which helps the web page in faster loading from all server locations. AMP has three basic components which are AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP Cache. AMP technology is a part of SEO that helps you improve user experience as well as crawlers experience.

If your site has a high loading time and users come to your site, they will not wait long to open your site and will immediately go to another site. Similarly, search engine crawlers follow this. So AMP factor can help improve your website loading speed to increase more visibility on SERPs.

With the help of AMP pages, your website cache pages are already saved from different international servers. So any user searches any query, your browser will forward your user request to the nearest location server. So this is how AMP works. Now we talked about AMP components as below. If you want to inquire about SEO to drive more traffic to your website then you can hire an SEO marketing agency. Moreover, if you are looking for SEO companies in Baltimore city then Baltimore SEO Company will help you to solve SEO related errors. Because SEO agencies are experts in SEO business due to their experiences and performance reports.


You need to change some HTML code in AMP HTML for web page running slow. For that you need to start with this . Then replace with . Also add to the section. To improve web page loading speed you must add to the body tag. And don’t forget to add the AMP boilerplate code to the head section.


HTML is a simple code that doesn’t need to be executed but JavaScript is a complex code that needs to be executed. So any spider bots of search engine come for crawling and indexing any site, and your site may take more time to load due to lot of JS code. Because the first spider bots render the JS code after executing it, any site’s crawl budget is exhausted during the execution process. So to overcome this problem we need to use AMP JS code to improve website crawl budget and website loading time.

AMP Cache

AMP Cache is a proxy-based content delivery network (CDN) that renders and pre-fetches specific web pages when users send any requests to the server. AMP Cache is the ultimate choice for rendering HTML, CSS and JS codes of any site. AMP cache will help you to get faster website response to users globally. So AMP Cache will help you to improve website loading speed, organic traffic as well as ranking, improve user experience and optimize crawl budget. Read also: How Do You Convert YouTube Mp4 to Mp3 Clips for Free?