What is SAP FICO?

SAP FICO Represents FI (Monetary Bookkeeping) and CO (Controlling). SAP FICO is the significant module of ERP and both FI and CO modules stores the total monetary exchange information of an association.

What precisely SAP FICO module is

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SAP FI is the significant module of all SAP executions
FI ( Monetary Bookkeeping ) is utilize for outer announcing and the reports like Monetary record, Benefit and Misfortune proclamations can be create for revealing reason.
Module incorporates with different other Modules like MM (Materials The executives), SD(Sales and Conveyance), PP (Creation Arranging), PM (Plant Support), and PS (Task Frameworks).
SAP FI (Monetary Bookkeeping) Module gets postings from different modules like Materials The executives, Deals and Appropriation, Human Asset) through combination.
All bookkeeping pertinent exchanges which are make in Plan operations (LO) are present constant on Monetary Bookkeeping via programm account assurance. This information can likewise be give to Controlling (CO).

Atleast one organization code should be make in SAP to execute the FI module.SAP FICO Training in Pune

Monetary Bookkeeping module is partition into additional few sub-modules, for example,

General Record bookkeeping
Accounts Receivables
Creditor liabilities
Resource Bookkeeping
Bank Bookkeeping
Unique Reason Record
Travel The executives
General Record Bookkeeping:- General record bookkeeping is to give a total report to outer and inside bookkeeping i.e Records, Diaries, Month to month charges and Credit, Monetary record, and Recording all deals.

Creditor liabilities:- The Records Payable records and deals with all bookkeeping information connected with merchants

Money due:- The Records receivable records and deals with all bookkeeping information connected with Clients

Resource Bookkeeping:- Resource Bookkeeping is use for dealing with your organization’s Resources. SAP permits you to arrange resources and to set values for devaluation estimations in every resource class.

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Bank Bookkeeping:- Bank bookkeeping is utilize to deal with the bank exchanges in the framework including cash the executives.

Solidification: – Union empowers the joining of fiscal reports for different substances inside an association. These fiscal summaries give an outline of the monetary place of the organization all in all.

SAP FICO Training in Pune
SAP FICO Classes in Pune