which moves up and down while the air enters

In order to make a motor easier to handle, there are different kinds of motors. The first motor is a 2-stroke. 2-strokes are very old fashioned and don’t get a lot of attention. They are just like a traditional engine, except it runs on two strokes instead of four. They have only one piston which moves up and down while the air enters at the bottom and exhausts at the top.

The next type of engine is a 4-stroke. 4-strokes are the best known and best used engines today. The 4-stroke engine has four pistons moving in a circular Yamaha 200hp pattern. Each time the pistons move up, it creates more power. The pistons work in pairs – two of the pistons move up in unison, while the other two move down. This makes the engine more durable because the pistons don’t hit each other as hard as they would in a 2-stroke engine.

Yamaha 200 hp. Yamaha Outboard F200 4-Stroke Inline 4 has an extremely powerful engine, a compact size and very high-quality features. Yamaha 200hp. Yamaha Outboard F200 4-Stroke Inline 4 is a powerful engine that’s easy to maintain.